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Marda Rosenbaum, Attorney at Law

Loan modifications

We can help you get a home loan modification

Negotiating with a bank to change the terms of a mortgage loan for the benefit of the borrower may prevent a disastrous foreclosure, and you'll get a better outcome when our experts speak to the bank for you. The several means available to us to defend your home are in the lender's own self-interest, while reducing what you pay.

Lawyer representatives Helping for situations

When you get help from our team, an attorney or advocate with years of experience going head-to-head with mortgage holders will lay out your case. They will know how to present your situation and what you can afford in a way that is most likely to convince the lender to adjust the terms of your loan.

A qualified lawyer presents your side

In the past, we've been successful in getting lenders to lower the interest rate on a loan or to lengthen the time in which the borrower pays off the loan. Sometimes banks will reduce the principal, accepting the downward valuation of a property. We can also help you qualify for the government's Home Affordable Modification Program, or induce the lender to create an in-house version of it.

Help for your situation comes in many forms

When banks or lenders don't look out for your best interests, we will.

The sooner we get to work on relieving your debt pressure, the more options we'll have to help you. Don't delay!


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