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Marda Rosenbaum, Attorney at Law

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We know the courts and the laws that protect you

In 2008, the US economy collapsed due largely to improper banking practices like making unsecured or predatory loans. Although millions of people have lost their homes to foreclosure, increasingly courts will listen closely to an attorney's case that their client was victimized by illegal or unethical activities by the lenders.

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Should your foreclosure case get as far as the courts, a defense is still available to you; however, the complexity of strategies like challenging the chain of title or proving that the relationship between the lender's deed and the promissory note is defective require a lawyer's expertise to be put into practice.

You need legal counsel to defend against foreclosure

After you call Personal Debt Consultants Group, we will come to your own home to review your situation at your convenience. Our commitment is to first help you understand your mortgage situation, and then to help you decide what remedy is most suitable to your needs.

We'll explain the options in an in-house consultation

In New York and New Jersey, judges in foreclosure cases are sympathetic to the homeowner when they are credibly represented in court.

Let our consultants group represent you on our own home turf, New York's five boroughs, and Nassau and Suffolk counties.


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