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Marda Rosenbaum, Attorney at Law

Let us be your advocate against banks and creditors.

You need experienced assistance to defend your home when foreclosure is looming, and we know the system well enough to get you the best possible outcome. Despite threatening letters from a bank or finance company, you have other options besides losing your house or other assets. Get effective help. Personal Debt Consultants Group can put your feet on the path to becoming debt and stress free.

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We can help you through the process by which a lender changes the terms of a loan to make the payments affordable and stave off foreclosure.

We'll give a free in-home consultation. Our team can talk you through the various ways you can avoid foreclosure, save your credit, and get a better deal. We'll help you decide from the options available.

Depending on the strategy that works best in your situation, our consultants group can provide effective legal assistance, negotiators, debt counsel, and advocates to improve your life.

Although it may seem as if the system is working against you, our consultants group helps activate protections in the law that actually work in your favor. Don't wait too long before getting our help.

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